Google Analytics 4 Audits

If you are already set up on Google Analytics 4, but want to make sure you are getting the most out of what it can do, then our GA4 Audit solution is perfect for you.

Google Analytics 4 is the biggest update to Google’s free web analytics service in years and presents a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes. However, even though GA4 might give you all the tools you need, using these tools to create the reports and insight you need to get the most of your digital data takes some extra GA4 wizardry. But don’t worry, our GA4 wizards know exactly what to do and will take care of everything for you.

If you are already setup with GA4 and need some extra help getting the reporting you deserve we are here to help.

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Google Analytics 4 Audit

We will go through everything you have done so far and make sure it is set up to get the most value out of Google Analytics 4. We will also review your website and business objectives, designing the ideal plan to ensure you get the most out of your digital data.

Our GA4 developers can take care of any extra tagging or technical setup required using Google Tag Manager, or we can provide full instructions for your own technical team if you prefer.

OK, full disclaimer, depending on the content management or e-commerce system you use, there might be a bit more coding required to provide full e-commerce tracking, but we will walk you through everything you need to know and setup of e-commerce tracking is included as standard in all of our GA4 solutions.

What’s more we will then configure the reports and dashboards you need, so you have the insight you need at your fingertips.

What our GA4 Audit  includes:

  1. Audit of your existing Google Analytics 4 account

  2. Review of website or app to identify your ideal conversions, events and segments to meet your business objectives

  3. Any changes to the technical setup of your Google Analytics 4 account

  4. Implementation of any additional tagging using Google Tag Manager (all you need to do is place a small piece of code on your website)

  5. Setup of all new goals and events, including full e-commerce tracking as standard

  6. Creation of any custom user segments

  7. Design and setup of customer exploration reports and dashboards

  8. A box of Haribo to enjoy while marveling at your shiny new and improved GA4 account

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Enhanced E-commerce Setup

We include full enhanced e-commerce tracking as part of all our GA4 solutions, so you can get an extra level of insight into what products customers are looking at and how well they are converting.

Depending on the content management or e-commerce system you use, there might be some extra coding required on your website, but don’t worry we will provide full documentation on what needs to be done and in a lot of cases, will be able to set this up for you.

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What enhanced e-commerce reporting includes:

  1. Visibility of what products people are looking at on your website

  2. Insight into how far customers get through your checkout process and where you might be losing customers

  3. Reports to help you understand the impact of promotions and discount codes

  4. Detailed breakdown of what content and marketing campaigns are driving sales of specific products

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, or GTM to its friends, gives you the ability to manage your Google Analytics tagging without tying up your valuable developer resources every time you need to make a change to your tracking. We include the setup of GTM as standard in all of our GA4 packages and all your developers need to do is drop one simple piece of tracking code onto your website or app to get started. We will provide you with full instructions on what needs to be done, including any extra coding that might be required to unlock your enhanced e-commerce reporting.

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Custom Reporting and Dashboards

Google Analytics 4 is pretty amazing and can provide you with game changing insights into your customers and how they are using your website or apps. But, straight out of the box GA4’s standard reporting is too generic to be useful to most businesses. That is why we provide a bespoke reports and dashboard as standard with all of our GA4 setup, migration and audit packages. Even if you are already fully setup with GA4 and need some extra help getting the reporting you deserve we are here to help.

Oversight and Optimisation

We believe that there is more to getting the most out of your digital data than just the setup and that is why we offer our monthly Oversight and Optimisation service to embed over 20 years of digital know-how into your business and help you get the most out of your Google Analytics 4 data every day.

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Whatever your Google Analytics 4 requirements are, our straightforward approach provides simple and flexible solutions that will ensure you get the most out of your web analytics and digital data.

Why work with us?

More than 20 year experience and know how coupled with a straightforward, data-driven approach provides simple, flexible solutions to supercharge your digital analytics.

GA4 Specialists

GA4 Specialists

Provide your digital teams with the specialist analytics support they need to succeed.

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20 Years Experience

Embed 20+ years of digital experience and web analytics know how into your business.

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We love finding the data and insights that drives real improvements to deliver on your business strategy.

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Drive Growth

Identify the digital channels work best for you and where you can find opportunities to grow.

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Understand the data you get from your digital channels and how to best act on it.

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Providing an extra level of accountability for your digital team and agencies.

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    Worked wonders for Luxury Cottages and has helped us outcompete more established brands with bigger marketing budgets.

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    Very straight forward, makes the complex clear, actionable and easy to understand to deliver measurable results. Highly recommended.

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    I would recommend anyone looking to grow their business online to have a conversation with Liberandum.

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