About us.

“We are truly passionate about helping brands and digital teams to fulfil their potential.”
Kevin Milnes, Founder of Liberandum Digital

Our Clients

  • tourhub
  • University of Birmingham
  • Stagecoach
  • Luxury Cottages

Founder Kevin Milnes has a unique background in empowering businesses to realise their digital potential using web analytics and digital data. With over 20 years running digital teams and getting the most out of digital analytics, Kevin has worked with brands such as National Express, Cruise.co.uk, Luxury Cottages, Jennifer Young, University of Birmingham, Shearings Holidays, TourHub and Stagecoach.

Liberandum Digital helps businesses of all shapes/sizes to accelerate their digital performance, from low value and high conversion e-commerce sites to high value brands that attract online and convert offline.

Our real-life experience across web analytics, marketing, e-commerce, product design and tech, coupled with a straightforward, data-driven approach provides simple, flexible solutions to supercharge your digital transformation.

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Why work with us?

More than 20 year experience and know how coupled with a straightforward, data-driven approach provides simple, flexible solutions to supercharge your digital analytics.

GA4 Specialists

GA4 Specialists

Provide your digital teams with the specialist analytics support they need to succeed.

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20 Years Experience

20 Years Experience

Embed 20+ years of digital experience and web analytics know how into your business.

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Passionate About Data

We love finding the data and insights that drives real improvements to deliver on your business strategy.

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Drive Growth

Drive Growth

Identify the digital channels work best for you and where you can find opportunities to grow.

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Insight You Can Act On

Understand the data you get from your digital channels and how to best act on it.

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Independent Oversight

Providing an extra level of accountability for your digital team and agencies.

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