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Welcome to Liberandum Digital, a specialist digital analytics consultancy with a proven track record of delivering results for both global brands & growing businesses alike.

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Digital Analytics

Digital analytics doesn’t have to be difficult

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to accelerating your digital performance.

There are so many moving parts that it's hard to know what will have the biggest impact. Before too long, you start to feel stuck and think it has all just got too complicated.

The good news is that we are here to help. With over 20 years of digital know-how and a friendly, straight forward approach, Liberandum Digital are uniquely positioned to provide simple, flexible solutions to demystify your digital analytics and supercharge your online sales.

The Liberandum Academy is now open.

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What we offer

No matter whether you are just getting started, or looking to take your analytics to the next level, we can help.

Analytics and Data

We work closely with your digital specialist or team and your agency partners, to develop and deliver a plan to transform your use of web analytics and digital data.

Analytics and Data
Google Analytics 4 Migration

Google Analytics 4

Whether it is setting up your account, tagging your website or creating custom reports and dashboards, our Google Analytics 4 specialists can help you make sure you are ready to make the most of the latest version of Google Analytics.

Bespoke Consultancy

Our bespoke consultancy service, covering data, marketing, product, tech and talent development, will help you to define and implement a clear plan of action to transform your digital performance.

Bespoke Consultancy

Why work with us?

More than 20 year experience and know how coupled with a straightforward, data-driven approach provides simple, flexible solutions to supercharge your digital analytics.

GA4 Specialists

GA4 Specialists

Provide your digital teams with the specialist analytics support they need to succeed.

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20 Years Experience

20 Years Experience

Embed 20+ years of digital experience and web analytics know how into your business.

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Passionate About Data

We love finding the data and insights that drives real improvements to deliver on your business strategy.

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Drive Growth

Drive Growth

Identify the digital channels work best for you and where you can find opportunities to grow.

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Insight You Can Act On

Understand the data you get from your digital channels and how to best act on it.

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Independent Oversight

Providing an extra level of accountability for your digital team and agencies.

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What our clients are saying

We are proud to have loads of impressive testimonials from business owners that used to be in your shoes.

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    Worked wonders for Luxury Cottages and has helped us outcompete more established brands with bigger marketing budgets.

    Picture of Alistair

    Alistair Malins

    CEO at Luxury Cottages
  • rating star image

    Very straight forward, makes the complex clear, actionable and easy to understand to deliver measurable results. Highly recommended.

    Picture of Rupee

    Rupee Sanghera

    Director of Marketing at University of Birmingham
  • rating star image

    I would recommend anyone looking to grow their business online to have a conversation with Liberandum.

    Picture of Seamus

    Seamus Conlon

    CEO at TourHub